Business banners are powerful sales tools when you follow best practices for getting them in front of your customer base with a targeted, resounding message. Few marketing tools have the longevity and ultimate return on investment over time afforded by business banners, and if your business isn’t taking advantage of business banners you are undoubtedly missing opportunities for sales. To help get you started or to revamp your marketing technique, try the following four strategies for business banners that boost sales.

1. Premium business banners at affordable prices

First and foremost, you want to print business banners that will stand up to the elements and last a long time. This longevity allows you to use your business banners over and over again, seasonally and annually, thus maximizing your return on investment. Opt for 13 oz. white vinyl banners with a matte front-lit finish, which is both attractive and durable in most outdoor conditions; or 9 oz. white mesh banner, which is likewise attractive and more durable in harsh weather conditions because the mesh allows air to flow through, rather than tear, the banner. Both materials yield high-quality banners at affordable prices.

2. Command attention with business banner design

Your business banners should be designed with striking simplicity; too much information will distract customers from your message. You can go with a simple two-tone banner, with text that contrasts against its background (yellow on black, for example). Or you can be more elaborate with an attention-getting, thought-provoking, and/or humorous photo or illustration.

Beyond those elements, your copy should present an attractive offer to your target audience and motivate with a clear call to action – tell them what to do next. Making your offer available only for a limited time and including a tracking coupon code that is easy remember will help generate more sales quickly and allow you to track your return on investment.

Your business banners must attract attention first and foremost, quickly make your offer and call to action, and motivate response.

3. Change business banners often

Many businesses make the mistake of leaving banners in high-traffic locations for months, sometimes years at a time. The problem is that when you do this, your business banners become part of the scenery – they do not stand out and therefore they do not attract attention. However, when you swap business banners often, customers won’t get used to seeing them and will therefore pay more attention to your message.

4. Creative placement for business banners

Many business place business banners in high-traffic locations. This is a good idea because it allows you to reach the widest possible audience with minimal investment. High-traffic area business banner placement will reach your target customer base and recruit new customers. However, that’s not the only way to place business banners; in fact, it’s probably not even the most effective.

You should also place business banners in targeted areas where your customer base hangs out, drives, does business, etc. Place business banners in and around other businesses where your target audience congregates. If your business isn’t based in a popular retail neighborhood but you want those customers, use business banners to get them. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and relatives to place your business banners in their yards.

You should also consider placing business banners in front of your own establishment to promote special sales. Sure, you have your own signage and maybe a nice glass storefront, but nothing reaches out to customers better than a spectacular business banner in front of your establishment.

Finally, consider placing business banners around your competitors’ establishments. See if you can make a partnership with a business across the street from them, for example, and display your business banner large and proud. When your competitors’ customers come out of their doors, they’ll see your banner – and perhaps give you a try next time.